Barber Tutorial for beginners – How To do a Bald Taper

  • By: Steve
  • Date: April 13, 2020
  • Time to read: 2 min.

Fairly basic, this video, but David Falla shows an interesting technique ( especially for older barbers like myself, who have been fading down for years ) He starts the cut with a bald baseline, using his Andis Supra ZR, using the #0000 blade.

He then removes the line with an Andis Masters. An extremely powerful clipper, now available in the UK as a cordless version. ( link HERE ) The great thing about these clippers is the notch system of adjusting the blade, so you always know exactly where you are with your settings.

Not too sure about his choice of bracelets, but a good demonstration of the ‘C’ motion to avoid creating more lines. Interesting to note that he switches to the ‘fading down’ method as he goes on with the haircut.

Also interesting to note that when he is fading out the bald line he uses a Shaving Brush ( link HERE ) Thought I was the only one to use one of these. They work great as they are easy to grip and strong enough to clean your work as you go along.

He finishes off with the Wahl Magic Clip. He finds that the slight slower ‘crunch blade’ movement, seems to give him more control to finish off the fade.

And latest he lines it out with the Wahl Heros. Never used these myself. I find the Wahl Cordless Detailers do a great job. Like I say a basic video, but always interesting to see different approaches. Enjoy the video….

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