How to Fade Difficult hair ★ Barber Tutorial




Here’s David Falla’s 14 minute video on a client with fine hair which can be sometime difficult to fade.

What is interesting is the attention and precision he uses while trimming the top of his clients hair. A lot of barbers, work back from the front of the head, but David shows a nice technique of taking an initial guideline down the mowhawk line. Proceeding then to crosscheck front to back. By cutting the top first, he finds it easier to then blend the fade into the top and this also gives him a good idea how high to take the back and sides. This not only makes his job easier but it should help the client when he does his hair at home. He then drys the hair into the shape he wants, before cutting the back and sides.

Many barbers like to put their initial guide in with liners or trimmers, but David uses his standard clippers. This make a lot of sense as it leaves the line slightly longer than the Andis Outliners would, making it a bit easier to blend in. Finishing off with a favourite of mine, the Andis Foil Shaver.

Also something I’m not to familiar with, is the technique of clipper over comb with the No 1 attached. He feels this gives him more control over the blend.

All in all a great demonstration of downfading and making sure you are in control of the final result. Good technique with the scissor over comb also.

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