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Male pattern baldness can bring misery to millions of men every year. Statistics show that it affects nearly 6.5 million in the UK alone. Many of these men try many things to alleviate this problem, whether through surgical restoration or shop bought drugs. But when these options don’t seem to work or are not an option, what are the alternatives out there?

In every barber shop in the UK, one of the main topics of conversation we have with a lot of our customers is the issue of hair loss. And in recent years there have been some new and innovative ways of dealing with this problem.

We can recommend a change of style, to help them come to terms with their rapidly thinning locks. A lot of people have taken the radical step of a number 1 to literally get rid of the issue once and for all.

Some of the more recent ways of addressing this predicament are services such as scalp micropigmentation and advanced hair systems.

Scalp Micropigmentation – SMP

Scalp micropigmentation is an ground-breaking cosmetic procedure which really suits men who are suffering from male pattern baldness. This treatment can give the impression of hair density around the affected areas, such as the hairline or the crown area.

SMP achieves this by the addition of tiny pigments of ink into these places, which hopefully resemble the actual shaven hair follicles.

Many people are under the impression that it is actually a tattoo, but the pigmentation doesn’t go as deep into the skin layers as a tattoo would and the ink used is different as well.

scalp micropigmantation

In fact the ink that is used, in this process, is carbon based and is available in over 30 different shades. This helps to match the hairs natural colour as closely as possible.

How painful is Scalp Micropigmentation?

“ The discomfort is minimal and all of the clients I have treated say it’s completely manageable” Joseph Lanzante of JJ Aesthetics

In fact most people who undergo this procedure rate the discomfort as around a 2, which is obliviously nowhere near the pain of a tattoo. And the actual time it takes to have this treatment really depends on the size of the area being covered.

Normally the first session lasts from one to four hours, with the second session lasting around the same. Normally what happens then is around six weeks later you go back for a consultation to decide if you need another session to touch up some small areas.

scalp micropigmentation

Is Scalp Micropigmentation Expensive?

Prices can vary but the average seems to be around £400 per session. So you can see with specialist training widely available, it could add a tidy amount to your barbershop income.

Advanced Hair Systems – Non Surgical Hair Replacement

Advanced hair systems are specially tailored hair pieces, especially made for each customer. The customer can then forget about it for the next seven weeks, as it behaves just like their natural hair. This mean they can do all the things they would normally do like showering, swimming and exercise. Done correctly it can be completely undetectable.

non surgical hair replacement

The reason being is that the hair system is chosen especially for that client. The colour and tone of the system is expertly selected and is then cut to the correct size as to cover the hair loss area.

The clients scalp is then prepared to accept the hair system which is then applied with a semi permanent adhesive. The hair is then styled and cut, by you the barber just like any normal head of hair.

Is Advanced Hair Systems Painful?

One of the major advantages of this advanced hair system procedure is that there is no pain or scaring associated with other hair replacement procedures. The clients then ends up with a natural looking head of hair, that is very low maintenance.

What Maintenance is required with Non Surgical Hair Replacement?

All that is requires is that the client returns for a re-fit and maintenance every 10 weeks or so. This usually involves removal of the hair piece which is then cleaned. Exfoliate and shave, then glue back on. All that is left to do then is to trim the back and sides. The customer is then good for another 10 weeks.

We spoke to Blake Szemruk of ‘Blake’s Barbers’ in Stoke-On –Trent. He told us “The main advantage of this Non Surgical Hair Replacement is that it is non-invasive. If you were to undergo a surgical procedure you are then at risk of infection or scarring, which doesn’t happen with the treatment we carry out. There are literally no side effects, apart from a massive boost to your confidence, which we see all the time”

If you would like to contact Blake for more information or to inquire about training, you can contact him on Facebook

When Will I Notice The Results?

Another major advantage of this type of hair replacement is that it yields instant results. No waiting for six or seven weeks or for any swelling to subside, the customer can see the amazing transformation at once.

Is This Advanced Hair System Expensive To Have Done?

The cost is also a big plus too. Although costs may vary, most people can get it done for a little over £500. As you can see something like this can be a win-win for both you and you customers. And training is available through-out the UK.

So as you can see there are a few alternatives to recommend to our customers with male pattern baldness and with the right training, it can add a sizeable boost to our income.

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